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Get Fit, Study a facinating art and Make new friends

Welcome to Didcot Old School Karate Jutsu. 

  • We teach quality martial arts with ancient roots but a modern insight. 
  • We welcome beginners. 
  • We are very female friendly. 
  • We teach all fitness levels. 
  • We are adult only but there is no upper age limit.  
  • We teach proper self-defence NOT sport fighting


We are so confident that you will love our classes that we are offfering a FREE SUIT £60.00 rrp for every new member in January 2017. These suits are expensive as they are tough.

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Why train with us?

At Didcot Old School Karate-Jutsu  we teach a complete martial arts system for self-defence, health and personal growth. 

We are NOT a sport.  We  use Koryu Uchinadi to teach effective self-defence against all types of violent attack.  We work at all ranges and thus provide effective responses to all the most common types of violent attack.  We do however, train safely.  We are very patient and we repect you and any limitations you may have. 

Adults only, we are very female friendly and welcome all ages and fitness levels

For more details on what we do click here. 

Contact us

Telephone: 07831 950 850